Enterprise spirit: loyalty to the pursuit of excellence

-- always persist firmly in to perform the sacred duties of military enterprises, to the motherland, to the party, to the people, loyal to the special steel is our eternal faith.

-- study hard, study assiduously, to make outstanding achievements in their ownpositions in their own ability and dedication.

-- continue to give themselves a higher target, make a new exploration and creation of the growth of the company, at the same time the company in the development of the comprehensive development of individuals.

-- collective than personal, local to the global, team consciousness, enhance the personal qualities, work together to achieve the evergreen Zhongyuan special steel.

Enterprise mission: to create a unique value for customers make outstanding contributions to the country for the staff to create a better life

-- with advanced technology and equipment for the customer to create a unique value, with high quality products and service for customers to create greater efficiency.

-- allow employees to share the fruits of development is our duty, letshareholders receive good returns is our responsibility.

-- always to keep the army serve as own duty, to the best performance to makeoutstanding contributions to the country.

Common vision: to build an internationally renowned, the domestic first-class enterprise

-- Professional manufacturers provide important key components for the advanced equipment manufacturing and energy for metallurgical industry;

-- one of the most important production base of equipment manufacturingindustry China South Industries Group Corporation;

-- famous international, the domestic first-class industrial special equipment andlarge-scale special steel forgings production enterprise with the capability of independent innovation and sustainable development capacity.

Business philosophy: focus on customer expectations based on market demandto ensure customer satisfaction

-- ahead of expected customer demand, advance product research and development, to help customers to expected demand into reality needs.

-- insisted on differentiation competition strategy, to their own core competence to meet the personalized customer needs, to help customers achieve their development goals. Adhere to the customers, employees, shareholders --, the company is a community of interests, always follow the principle of mutual benefit and win-win,create a unique value for society.

Enterprise core values: people-oriented shared development

-- development for employees, relying on the development of staff, the achievements of development and employee share. Respect, understanding, wedo believe that employees are the basic principles of enterprise.

-- the company provides a stage to display their talent for employees, to help employees achieve personal value.

-- staff of the company to own due diligence, the company one's ability and cleverness to promote progress and development.

-- the construction of the harmonious interpersonal relationship harmony,community environment and pleasant, harmonious special steel workers live and work in peace is our common goal.

Executive culture: dare to be the first to give top-notch refused to excuse the immediate action

-- full of passion, desire to venture, dare to explore, dare to the first, to create first-class performance.

-- no excuses, obey, Every order is executed without fail.,, carry out with drive and sweep, hundred-percent, make every attempt to complete tasks.

Innovative idea: dare to break through the self transcendence

-- dare to think of things can not, dare not to dare to do things will definitely notrealize.

-- scientific grasp the innovation rule, always adhere to seek truth from facts.Dare to break the normal procedure, good at learning from others, to explore the new road for the development of the company, constantly seeking new breakthroughs.

Market concept: customer satisfaction, mutual benefit and win-win

-- customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, customer trust is our greatest happiness, customer satisfaction is the ultimate standard to measure all work.

-- the customer is the basis of survival, at the same time we create value for customers, to achieve mutually beneficial total win, common development.

Production concept: lean and efficient service market

-- focus on the customer expectations, all the services market, the maximum to meet customer needs.

-- Based on market demand, to lean production as a breakthrough, improve theperformance of the contract rate of users, to ensure customer satisfaction.

-- strengthen organization and cohesion, the production of compact and efficient,to maximize the quality and benefit of development, improve the corecompetitiveness.

Quality concept: quality and value with quality and brand symbiosis

-- quality value creating. Through the implementation of quality strategy of famous brand, to provide quality products and satisfactory service to customers,the pursuit of maximum value.

-- products embody character. To the values continue to go beyond, reach the acme of perfection, and constantly improve the quality of work, carefully to customer production of each product.

-- quality brand success. Build Zhongyuan special steel brand image tocustomers trust the quality of products and services, forge a solid reputationfoundation ltd...

The idea of safety: safety is benefit, safety and happiness

-- safety is the company "people-oriented, sharing directly reflect the development of" core values, is the first element of the company's rapid development and the eternal theme.

-- safety is the basic requirement of building a harmonious special steel, is a prerequisite for employee happiness of life, is a strong guarantee company profit,staff development.

Service concept: high quality safeguard

-- respect for customers is our eternal faith, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, adhere to the customer as the center is the managementidea and our working standard.

-- dare be a person first, striving for the top. On the work of refine on, continuous improvement of work performance, work and pull together in pursuit of excellence.

-- with an open mind to listen to the views of customers, carefully observe thecustomer expectations, well solving customer problems, accurate and fast service to the customers.

Cost concept: Science, fine, saving

-- optimization design of business process, and vigorously carry out technical research, innovate methods of work, reduce the structural waste.

-- will cost management into every link, target segmentation to every post, realize the minimization of the cost.

-- resources integration, information management, appraisal target, to reduce and eliminate waste in a variety of personnel, material, space, equipment andtime etc...

Talent concept: positions become self achievement

-- every position for the company is important, every employee can do the best.

-- learning to improve themselves, to change the fate of knowledge, self achievement in promoting the progress and development of the company.

-- the pursuit of excellence is reflected in their daily work, personal values reflected in the collective honor.